En debut d’année on se sent tous hyper motivé et on veut vraiment changer quelque chose a notre vie ..

Les « resolutions « les plus fréquentes se trouvent dans les domaines de :
1- perdre du poids
2- Améliorer nos finances
3- changer de carrière ou décrocher une promotion
4- Faire « quelque chose » dans le domaine du développement personnel
5- Se promettre de faire plus d’exercise… ( Y’en a même qui vont s’acheter une home gym !)
6 – S’assurer , coûte que coûte ! qu’on ne se laissera plus stresser !
7- Améliorer ses relations dans la famille ou au travail ..

On avance le film de 6 mois, et du coup 60% d’entre nous aurons oublié nos « résolutions!…
Oui bon je sais ca peux même être 3 jours après .. et pourtant il est possible de mieux faire si on comprends ses Boutons , ceux qui nous font rêver ou soupirer.. voici quelques exemples pour nous recadrer et mieux choisir, mieux tenir, mieux avancer et puis en fin d’article une invitation pour t’ aider et soutenir dans ces choix et résolutions .


1- D’abord, il convient de définir ta motivation
En fait il y en a au moins 2 sortes qui correspondent a la façon dont nous réagissons généralement :
Par exemple si tu es motivé par le résultat , la façon dont tu te sens après avoir avancé dans ta résolution , c’est intérieur. Tu continueras plus facilement en te remémorant souvent ces sentiments de bien être , de satisfaction . Tu n’as pas besoin de quelqu’un pour te stimuler, mais plutôt de quelqu’un qui te susurra de te rappeler … comment tu te sens apres l’effort , la restreinte, le travail, les résultats..

Mais tu peux aussi avoir besoin d’un stimulus extérieur , comme lorsque tu vas faire un jogging en tandem, ou un passage en Gym, un travail d’équipe ; Le partage est ta motivation et te dépasser te procure le plaisir qui te stimulera a continuer.

Quand tu choisi un coach pour te soutenir, assure toi que tu sois bien compris(e)

ï Extrinsic – youíre pushed forward by actions outside your personal scope. In other words, you prefer working out with your friends, and work harder when thereís a reward system in place.

Once you figure out your motivation type is, then all you have to do is put yourself in situations that make you more excited to accomplish even more.

2. Actions speak louder than results
Deciding on a goal for the New Year is always easier said than done. However, itís the steps you take to reach that goal thatís the tricky part. If you want to stick to your resolutions, itís wise to break each step down into smaller goals, if possible, to make them more manageable.
Moreover, each time you achieve one, reward yourself and feel proud of what youíve accomplished. Positive reinforcement is crucial to help guide you as you push toward your goal and commit to your responsibilities.
One way to keep everything in check is to make sure your actions are SMART:

ï Specific. Having a specific end result prevents you from making excuses.
ï Measurable. Evaluating your progress will give your motivation a boost.
ï Achievable. You can set daily goals as a building block to bigger goals.
ï Relevant. Otherwise, if itís not relevant, why bother?
ï Time-bound. Goals need to have a defined end date.

3. Be Honest with yourself
The more realistic your resolutions, the more likely youíll see them through. If your goal for the New Year is to exercise more, then start small. Instead of planning a 5-day workout week, go for 20 minutes a day then increase gradually.
Youíll find that, as with all goals, as soon as you start seeing what youíve accomplished, youíll be pumped to do even more. However, itís crucial that you stay away from the ìall-or-nothingî approach. Doing something, even if itís a small piece of what youíd originally planned, is much better and more productive than doing nothing at all.
Moreover, itís equally important to not have too many resolutions up in the air at once. Make a list, prioritize them, and go from there. Once you feel the first oneís in the bag, go for the second, and so on. Focusing on one goal at a time will channel your energy and efforts there, helping you reach your target faster.

4. Think things through
Having a positive mindset is key when progressing towards your goals, but letís be honest; every plan is bound for failure if youíre careful. Be smart and anticipate these obstacles so that when they do appear, youíll be prepared.
For example, if you get bored when you exercise, choose upbeat workout music thatíll get you revved up. Or you can workout at home, as you catch up on your favorite TV shows. If your motivation method is extrinsic, go to the gym with a friend. The idea is to nip it in the bud before it becomes stronger than your willpower so that you can surmount any obstacle that comes between you and your goal.

5. Be accountable for your actions
Accountability means youíre taking responsibility for the choices youíre making. This may seem easy to do at work when you have a deadline and a boss reinforcing it. It may not seem as easy when youíre home alone and skip out on cooking a healthy meal, and order take-out instead.

You can enlist the help of a friend or join a support group where youíd know that you made a certain commitment to someone, if itís simply sending a photo of your home-cooked meal on social media.or, you can hang a calendar on your wall with progress notes so you can keep tabs on how far youíve gotten and what still lies ahead.

Keeping your New Yearís resolution can seem scary at first. However, with these 5 steps, you can do anything you put your mind to. Moreover, once you accomplish your first resolution, youíll find that itís not only beneficial, itís fun as well!

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